Pacific StarFleet Command Centre


 Last Update : 15th July,2009




Our operations is based at Providence  0.0 space that provides plenty of opportunities for PVP.
Pacific Starfleet command work together in tight knit, offering transparency in making decision for the corp's future and members are free to speak up.
Under the flapship with Paxton Federation , we offers members with PVP action and also conducts weekly ice mining for avid ice miners.
Ventrilo Server & Teamspeak are our source of fleet communication.

Being active in Providence, we manage our own  POS and Corporate Trading which generates our corp funds for more projects for the benefits of the members.

We are operate under a NRDS policy.We are inviting  PVP and Ice mining pilots to our armada. 

New player are always welcome.
If you are keen and like take this opportunity to allow us to know you better, kindly 
find us at our channel
"EVE.ASIA"  with any of our friendly members online. 

Alternatively, you may contact xDHLx (MSN : for (English language) or Melisz (Chinese Language).


New Military Ranking system had been introduced
To distinct those who excel in PvP contribution to the corporation, a new military ranking system with title is awarded to capsuleers. more details in member's corner. 24th June, 2009

Top capsuleers PvP Award created.
Kindly check on the forum and members corner for the award winner. 15th July, 2009

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